Suva - Catcore

Felines are one of the cutest creatures in the world, they are also one of the most dangerous. They may purr on your lap but if you poke them too much you may end up with bleeding face before you can say “W” from “WHAT THE FUCK!?”.

Why are cats so dangerous? They are fast? Yes they are, but that’s not the reason. They are also PRECISE. With 4 fast pawstrokes they deeply embed their all claws in your face and you have 20 bleeding wounds on your face in less than a second.

This is what I think is Renoise aswell. It can purr like a kitty but also be a weapon of mass destruction. But for the latter you don’t even have to go into mystical tempos, you just have to put your beats in right place! This tracks is not the slowest scrolling, it’s not the fastest scrolling, it uses LPB 8 and and BPM 160 - 240. But it is pretty damn fast. And I didn’t even use any retriggers or delay columns!

Be smart at what you do, less is more! :)



For information. This is something some people call Electronic Grindcore or eGrind. I used to get lots of promos from one of labels releasing stuff like that. Not too hard to make, and apparently there are listeners for this stuff. It took me maybe 15 minutes to create it. Maybe this is why most eGrind bands have more than 40 albums released. :D

Lol! :panic:

This track will haunt me at night. O.o