Svar Tracker

Has anyone tested it?

We are produce software for music creation ???

should it be We produce …
or are producing?

I hope the grammar in the software itself is better.

(not that mine is good though

Testing it right now. Piece of shit, IMHO. Cost: $100 (!!) :panic:

I like the ‘flow editor’ but the design is awful, the demosongs are beyond horrible (Exept maybe no.4). I really DON’T want to buy a program when I can’t even fully try to make my own stuff, and ONLY have that ‘music’ to present as a demonstration of the program…

They should make it available like Renoise/IT/MT2, no renderer! Then I’d concider trying it out. Now I just want to uninstall it. Oh, and the price may come from the inclusion of DX-plugins.

Oh, and it’s unstable as well. Just crashed.

I’d give it time, a redesign, better demosongs and a different evaluation-scheme. And it could be something of interest.


But no Asio Support. Inaccaptable at this price.

Connectionmanager seems to be a graphedited Buzzeditor.

But loads of good Ideas, however like nearly always in this business, left unfinished, too bad.

But lets await V2.

At least someone took some advises posted upon this board…:

Price: USD 49.00

Nonono…it reads christmas special - that means you can order this at the moment at this price

Hey, they updated their line to We produce software for music creation.

shall they read this forum? :blink:

I didn’t test it, but I looked at the screenshots.

The “flow editor” looks something like what was discussed for Renoise’s future arranger.

It looks like shit in SVAr Tracker, but it’s interesting:

Overall, this prog just looks REALLY cluttered and ugly. They do have some interesting ideas, though (like that flow editor)

They do read this forum, even mailed me and asked to be spesific about the crash I got. :) Talk about creative marketing, hehe… How’s about we test it out properly and give the soft a push in the right direction in stead of slagging it off, you guys? ;)

Okaay, this is me getting down for some constructive testing. First of all, the cosmetic things that make this look cheap… The color layout is too generic, the background picture on the generator has the letter “A” written on it for no AppArent reAson. And no, it does not look cool you guys… If you want generic, go minimalistic not grammar-school-webdesign. Does not look professional at all! The web-page is also not well designed at all, I shouldn’t even need to go deep into why.

Oh, and I finally got some sense out of the fiddling with wires and finally got sound from it all, then it just… crashed. Again. No special reason other than, dunno. To the devs: I had just connected a JxSynth VST to a OutGenDriver, and that other blue output-thing on the top left. With my M-Audio FireWire Solo card and played around with a melody, not too harsh either. Entered a few notes and all…

Hm, now I’m gonna try it again, this time with some sampler-thingey! Maybe a demo of Waldorf’s Attack. Right’o, to the “enter every bit of info about myself”-bit again. Which loads every time as a punishment for trying the software. PLEEEASE remove this feature, folks!! It’s bugging the hell out of me, and if the program crashes twice more, I’ll stop using it permanently until that screen is gone! Gah, andyway, to the tracking.

Oh, and there’s no virtual keyboard there either unless facing the pattern editor, which is also a bummer as it doesn’t register me releasing the key as, well, stopping the sound. This would have been nice! Now loading Sonik Synth 2. Does not work, even though I plugged it in just as I did with the JxSynth. Bummer. Sorry guys, that just about did it for me, I closed the program with a sweet windows-error message called “Access violation at address xxxxxxx in module ‘svartracker.exe’. Read of address xxxxxxxx.”

Do you guys seriously have paying customers yet?? I have no idea how hard it is to make a program like this, but all I have to say is; Put some MORE effort into it before charging like you do, the competition is eating you raw at this point! Get realistic, release the software to a dedicated testing crew, grow a user-base and make great software. This COULD go somewhere with a serious workover as I like the ideas you put into it.

This seems like harsh critisism, but for a program at that price it seems needed to even get to par.

Cheers, and sorry I couldn’t get any more out of it, but I’m not testing it any more at this point.

Thank you for testing !
Well actually not all so is bad. Here many the hidden features which are not described yet.
As to cosmetics - can change, it skinable.
If plugins are loaded at start of the program, and it is not necessary to you is means that you have placed them not absolutely there where it is necessary - not in the song scheme and on the sound output scheme.
We can not guarantee, that everyone plugin will be efficient.
If other programs work with plugins without problems it does not mean that they are not present. They simply hide it inside themselves.
Interface VST is standardized, but here it is a lot of reefs.
We can put more try-catch blocks(this hide access violation from end user), but it usually results in loss of productivity.
We have already made it, but it is necessary to do even more, by analogy to other programs and it is normal.
With JxSynth we have not found problems, if you will stick us into a concrete place as it has taken place, it will be good. (by e-mail).
Waldorf’s Attack we shall check up later. Their site is now inaccessible.
Sonik Synth 2 - it is necessary to expose in its adjustments count of outputs 1-2 and as to failure at an exit from the program - as you think in what the reason?
In total this plugin sometimes on inquiry of improvement 32 float-s returns the whole 60. That overwrite some data behind the buffer.
It is very easily treated by additional check and loss of productivity.
In any case for us any crush reports or suggestions are now very important. Send them to us on e-mail.
We shall try to not disappoint you.

Sorry for bad english.

SVAr Tracker team

gOOD Luck mates!

You’re welcome.

And, since I called your software a piece a shit, I would like to point out that there are two kinds of people in this world: those who create something (or try to create something) and those who go after and complain. It is great that you actually try to create a tracker-interfaced software. Kudos to you!

The cosmetics can change, that’s true. Personally, I would be willing to pay $100 or even $1000 (I would save money for it) for a good tracker that also featured ReWire capabilities.

this looks kind of fun, would be great to see a version written for osx. er well i would check it out if there was a version for osx. :P

an this message is to be directed toward the svar development team:

look in the ideas an suggestions area of this forum, there is a plethra of really outstanding ideas. these might help you with getting svar tracker up to a level that many of us would like to see. any of the ideas in the posts -i wrote- you may use freely, at least consider them.
the more trackers being developed the better :)

another thing is, theres a large amount of us that want to use a tracker interface for live situations, please please take that into consideration. i’m sure you would not regret it. B)

btw did you guys model this after the BSD tracker called Beast?

Madtracker has rewire capabilities… not sure if you find that “good” tracker though :lol:

No, I don’t find Madtracker a good tracker. And it doesn’t have ReWire-master capability (it runs as a slave to another ReWire host, e.g. Cubase).

If Madtracker v.3. does have better MIDI sync and/or ReWire hosting features, it will of course be the best tracker around (at least for me, who wants to use a tracker for sequencing notes and Reason for sound.)