Svartracker Now Free For Personal Use

From version 1.21 SVArTracker absolutely free(without any functional limitations) for non commercial use. :dribble:


no import/export of xrns ?


Looks like it never sold off. But Specs and screenshots looking interesting and kinda buzz inspired, although the gui looks a bit clumsy. And MEH, there’s an Arranger. :)

Cheers! Looks like a nice toy to play around with!

I think one of the important things that keeps me using Renoise is the plain and simple realization of DSP chains. If I want an effect, I don’t have to connect wires along my screen. I just place it into the chain and it affects the sound immediately. And the way sendtracks enable advanced routing feels more natural to me than connecting modular items. In Renoise DSP parameters are immediately available and don’t have to be assigned first. The elements within Renoise belong together and aren’t spread onto different places of the application. Buzz-like trackers are very poweful for sure. But they are so “advanced” that I find it hard to access anything. I always felt like I’d be busier configuring the elements than really creating music. But I might want to check Aldrin or this one somewhen.

A tool is a tool, it’s the result that matters…

overall this seems to be a nice tool but its GUI is weird, IMHO…


Don’t get me wrong, I love Renoise, I really do… I’m not doing much music lately anyway and when I did it was never that complex, but even then did I learn to loathe sendtracks for anything experimental/fun. Yeah, it’s possible to do complex stuff, but it’s impossible to keep an overview!

For example “at point X in the DSP chain, make a copy of the high freqs and put them through a reverb, and mix that back into DSP chain at point Y”. That’s okay if do it once or twice… but what if you want to do this kind of thing dozens of times in a project? Would be a PITA to manage, while modular routing basically allows you to see the signal flow (with tiny LEDS showing activity, too :D)

Yeah, but how about a modular routing that works like this: when dropping an effect while pressing the shift key, it automatically connects to nearby effects (that is, it connects to the closes effect/generator, or gets put in between two if it gets dropped on the connection?). That would never be perfect or usable for all situations, but I’m sure it could be made so that most of the time you just drop it where you want it.

I’m also sure there would be a way to “hide” modular routing capabilities from those who want to keep the DSP chains as they are right now?

Working with modular elements has its advantages but also disadvantages.
Unplugging and plugging is one of the disadvantages, since a dsp can be instantly disabled/enabled without needing to patch / unpatch.

The overview is a big plus.
It may be handy if the Send devices in the mixer show the sendtrack titles they are connected to.

Why wouldn’t modular routing have a bypass button?

the example you gave on complex routing is comprehensible. And your idea about having an optional modular view on DSP’s is an acceptable solution.
That way one could have the tidy and simple GUI for composing easily and for advanced DSP tricks you can step into the world of wires and complex routings. But for now I feel very comfortable with the GUI DSP-wise.

with SVartracker it would be like if they were to ask and get an answer of something like omg or the excitment level switch higher than before i even thought about asking and…
Renoise is better.

Click Plugin instance number twice to bypass (on the scheme)

Major correction to what I posted earlier here:

Forget about the tool and the result, IT’S THE USER THAT MATTERS!! :D