Swap Left And Right

Hi… erm… is there a device (or a switch somewhere) that can swap left and right channel? :unsure:

yeah, try out some of the buttons in the sample editor and see what they do (need 2.8)

From his other thread I can gleam he wants to do such after using the Stereo Expander (or Width setting on Tracks), so at source (the sample) is no good. Wouldn’t be with VSTs either.

I thought I remembered it as a function of the Stereo Expander or maybe Gainer but seems I was mistaken…

You can almost do it with a Delay device, although you will be giving yourself 1mS of delay, as that’s it’s smallest setting…

Oh, right, 1 ms… maybe it equals the Width percents I usually use, I’ll try.
The stereo expander looks it could do what I want. Many thanks, kazakore.