Swap Machine Spaceship and Spintronic Polariton.

Here is 2 news tracks. I’m proudly happy to present Swap Machine Spaceship. Composed in Renoise with some sequenced data from Max:


and a simpler one, Spintronic Polariton:


Hope you’ll have fun.

Top quality stuff man. So much variation within the track, really keeps you on your toes. If you don’t mind me asking how long does it takes you to produce a 10 minute track like this?

This one has been my quickest prod.: only two weeks, about only 40hours… I often spend 80 hours+ per track… Easyly 10 hours for sound/timbre selection, and only 8 hours for mixing and corrections. Also, l love to loose time trying to generate sequences in max that would surprise me. But not in this case.