Swap Or Replace Midi Instruments (In .mid File) With Samples (.wav)

Hello and thanks for your help:

I want to swap or replace MIDI instruments (in an existing .mid file) with samples (.wav).

I read the manual through past the Advanced Edit chapter and it seems to me Advanced Edit should do what I want but there are a few problems.

#1 Problem

. For this one, because the MIDI instruments imported into the Instrument Selector with generic names (“MIDI Inst.”, “MIDI Inst. 02”, etc.) I’m not sure which instrument would be the Kick in order to swap it with k4TH instrument. I experimented a little but was unsure so I abandoned this possibility.

None of these solutions seem to work except #2, step record. If I step record all C - 302 notes in the pattern with k4TH instrument selected, I can play the pattern and hear the k4TH sample (and nothing else) on every beat which I step recorded, but I can only hear them once. After the pattern plays them one time, I hear nothing; that is, I could hear the result of my step record of k4TH instrument but only for one playback. On subsequent playbacks everything is again silent.

So if I could get the samples to work in my existing MIDI files, that would be a good and productive start with which to begin to learn the software but I can’t seem to even get that far.

Thanks again.

You know that you can check the option to “Create Instruments” in the midi import section and use a midi device to assign to it?
Perhaps not interesting to listen at, but you get a global idea of what instruments are playing so you can better track the exact matching sample to replace it with.
This works best if the .mid file uses the Midi standard instrument table ofcourse, otherwise you would need to assign it to a midi device that can play the proper soundbank that comes with the .mid file (if the author is allowed to supply the soundbank).

Thank you. That solved #1 problem. Now I can at least hear the MIDI playback.

I’m trying to get my head around what you mean by only playing once.
The only thing i can think of is the “FA” part which may be either in the panning or delay column. If it is set in the delay column, it means that the note is almost triggered near the end of the line execution. If it is in the panning column, it would be a cut command if working in the older version (2.7.2 and older).
In the 2.8 Beta version it should not have much effect.

Then you also have the instrument envelope settings and the NNA settings you can set for the sample part, but by default it should at least trigger the sample each time you replay it.
So, it will be not easy to figure out what is going on without an Xrns example showing what you exactly mean.

I’m such a noob that I probably should give myself more time with the software before I take any more of your time. I’m evaluating both Renoise and Reaper. Today I worked with Reaper and made some progress. Tomorrow I’ll work with Renoise again and see if I can make some progress there.

Thanks for your responses. I’ll come back if I can’t figure this out.

Thanks again.