Swapping instruments back and fourth may result into no sound

A bug I reported a couple of years ago , still not fixed ( back then It was about mdi instruments , but vst’s are aslo affected )
Load a vst instrument into slot 0
Load a vst instrument into slot 1
Drag slot 1 to slot 0 ( so the vst’s change places )
Drag slot 0 back to slot 1

result : instrument in slot 1 does not make any sound 1

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Nice finding, I can reproduce it with two instances of Hive. I wonder where to the output is gone now :smile:

  • Actually it also happens on any slot start position.

  • After saving and reloading all synths are back.

  • the midi in indicator in the synth tells me that the plugin does not receive note data anymore, but also does not play by clicks on the virtual keyboard either

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Will be fixed. Thanks. Looks like this was broken since ages…


Upgraded from Renoise version 3.2.1 to 3.3.1 and I also now have this “effect” with VSTs. It wasn’t the case in Renoise version 3.2.1, so it not seems to be “broken for ages”, but for right now.

Which Renoise version do you use?

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I only just noticed this behavior with the latest version

Still happening !