Swedish People

What’s the deal with that?
They only have one policy that is free media for all?

A BBC story about said pirate party

swedes are strange,…

I once went to Gotenburg with school and when I told some exchange students there, that I prefer weed over drinking, they looked at me like I told them I do heroin wtf? I got a lecture from some chick how bad of a person I was lol, when at night they were getting smashed drunk from 10 euro a beer.

Their policy includes:

  • Legalize filesharing for private and non-profit purposes.
  • Reduce the copyright protection time to x years. The x was something like 2 IIRC.
  • Protect the internet privacy
  • Protect the net-neutrality
  • few other things related to the “new media”.

It’s not really “one theme party” as parts of the media portrays it. I personally think that this movement may be important for the future. Nowadays the guys who use copyright laws to sue people are the ones who make billions of dollars anyway, milking both the artists and the consumers. The ones who might need to use copyright protection the most, like small companies with niche products, don’t have the resources to use them anyway. So the pirate party goals are pretty similar to some other EP fractions who try to establish fair market and keep the importance of private person.

I am not from Sweden so I didn’t vote for Pirate party, but I voted for someone who shares some of their views.

BTW Greens also are pro-filesharing.

Some of us are at least :slight_smile:

Here’s what PP stands for.
My guess is that the 3rd point on there is what get people up in arms more then any of the others. In a year we went from a country that respected it’s citizens, and the privacy of it’s citizens, to one that criminalizes everyone under the flag of terrorism prevention. That, and selling us out to American enterprise lobbyists, made people wake up, at least a little. Understand me right… I’m not promoting PP in any way, but they was/is one of the few that take an actual stand on that point (in the right direction).

I wish there was something barely similar to that party in Italy… :(

I’m not a massive pirate, I legally own lots of (even expensive) softwares, including Windows, but that’s not the point of the party: as said above, the copyright laws are a cage from which we should try to escape.

That’s pretty cool.
They’re definitely talking a lot of sense, and I guess for a position such as this, where there’s a few MEPs for a country, it’s okay if they only have one focus.

Although I do have to disagree with this statement:

Sometimes things do take a little while to take off, and it’s not really fair that when this happens the artists are unrewarded because they were ahead of their time.

As a side note: Your tunes are rad Magowl.

I voted for the german Piratenpartei in the last EU-vote. In fact, I am even thinking about joining the party.

I´m swedish and did not vote for them as I do not know where they stand in any other question and I´m not pro piracy.

They base part of their policy on some very naive and wrong conceptions about how the world works.

That does not mean I´m pro to much surveillance of the internet.

The five years may be bit radical view and not apply everywhere, but think of it. 50 years is bit radical too.

50 year old book may still be readable as classic, but what the hell would you do with a 50 year old piece of software? Nowadays it’s hard to find computers that can run 10 year old software?

About the “single theme” stuff. Right now they don’t have only two seats in EP, so it doesn’t have effect on other topics. When they have more, and when the single theme becomes a problem, other parties just have to adapt to win votes: Support the views of PP because this is obviously what people want when the PP wins too many seats.

lol yeah, i guess the majority of the population in scandinavia, at least in norway and sweden, have a rather narrow minded vision regarding weed… but that said, also do remember that you are from the netherlands, which make the contrast even bigger :D

That example works with software, but in other things like art or music, it’s not so clear.

Imagine an example of a guy that spent his life making some brilliant music 50 years ago, and nobody took any notice.

50 years later, some kids find his music, play exactly the same thing and become superstars, while the original guy receives nothing.

I mean look at crystal castles ripping off people, or in fact the whole post punk revival thing at the moment.

I think that they are pretty much on point (to rebut my fellow Swede :), on at least two of their three points. What could be seen as naive is that they actually think they can change what they have set out to.
Their views on copyright needs some work tho imho, maybe there is some fleshed out version of it that I haven’t read, but, I didn’t vote for them, so I got time to do so until next election :slight_smile:
And I don’t think they need a full fledged party manifest at this time, because that’s not what they are about atm, maybe further down the line if they feel the need to expand.

Thanks Niall :slight_smile:

Another swede here :wink:
Didn’t vote for them even though I do agree that the whole surveillance crap has gotten out of hand. It’s even fundamentaly flawed since all it takes is the next step in evolution of sharing-software. I don’t really think VPN is that great solution but I bet some highschool student sits in a cellar somewere. High on Jolt Cola and Red Bull and thinking sh-t up.
So what do we end up with, surveillance on traffic that isn’t illeagal and by the way, now the terrorists and idiots over the world can share their kiddy-porn and battle plans safely with the new ultraX-torrent-dc++ client.

To bad a lot of shakers and movers in the media industry and their lobyists and politicians (not just in sweden) are a bunch of smacktards, who barely see the wood for all the trees.

By the way, I’m not for piracy but I’m against idiocy :D

You are totally, completely missing the point. The problem is… Have you ever seen copyright law being used like that? It is only used to resell music of hyper popular, already dead bands over and over and over again. And labels usually have the fat end of the contract here so the artist himself receives little or no money at all or is dead altogether.

In the real world the copyright law is used to milk money from both artists and consumers by large corporations. The “poor artist” which people refer to often enough, when making examples, rarely on never uses the copyright law anyway for various reasons. And that kinda was the point.

well, actually there must be something wrong with this assumption too, as most of “hyper popular bands” are composed of incredibly rich people who buy castles with the same ease with which I buy bread.

in my opinion there are lots of “jobs” in the world which are overpaied; one of these is the hyper popular band member :) One reason for which show tickets (being a sport show, a concert show or whatever) are so costy is that the people who act in the show are overpaied, and so are their managers. A little more, well actually a lot more of good sense in pricing and waging would result in more selling.

“All non-commercial copying and use should be completely free.”

So they want to re-organize the whole business also, not only the copyright laws. It’s not complete free to produce entertainment.

“Culture and knowledge are good things, that increase in value the more they are shared. The Internet could become the greatest public library ever created.”

Anyone who wants to participate community effort to make greatest public library of free music, movies, playable games and software that really works, raise hands (again, somebody has already paid the greatest part of substance in the internet).

“We want all our music, movies, games and software for free, because it’s possible.”

(I found this between the lines)

There are many other ways to restrict unwanted copying other than copyright laws aswell. Renoise for example employs the “share-and-lose-future-updates” method which is not directly connected to copyright law, but is effective either way. Other option is making people to want to buy the product instead of downloading which is also present in Renoise.

The copyright laws in current form are pretty much useless for Renoise anyway cause I doubt that Renoise team ever wants to step into large court cases and fight with people who shared a registered version.

It’s mostly employed by large corporations to beat money out of some other companies.

What concernes the music, most people buy CD’s because they want to buy CD’s not because downloading it would be illegal. And it’s time for entertainment market to adapt the new environment and find new ways to monetize their work anyway. :P

surely anyone over 30 already has enough music, wont play games, can watch any movie they like already for free or a tiny fee and whats wrong with buying a piece of software eh?

honestly, If we don’t get some form of change with america corp/global copyright laws. some interesting stuff is going to disappear into aether forever. We have the ability to retain everything now, and a bunch of stuff is going to disappear either way. So, I think the PP is doing right. you must be well absurd to get much done these days.

Copyright as we know of it today is too limiting…

What for instance is happening is that Coldplay is being charged of stealing ideas while the songwriter perhaps wasn’t even aware of writing something that in some form already exists somewhere else.

The whole deal is solely just because of the money.
If we would remove the money from the whole system nobody would care anymore.

I think that the only way to get rid of the old copyright system is to embrace the Common Creatives.
Common Creatives is a different world and works a lot fairer.