Sweet Dreams Distant Remix


This is my last track… A remix from Eurythmics : Sweet Dreams.

It’s a Distant Remix because i composed a big part in this music…

Good listening !

Sounds great! What synths are you using?

Wow, this brings back memories. Sweet Dreams was the first song I ever tried to recreate in a tracker… in the late 80s (boy is 42 now)

I like what you’ve done, but after the 3 minute mark, I rather feel I’m ready for the chorus, but instead, the song has reached the end.

I think there could be quite an impact if you somehow managed to squeeze that in - somehow. The original song is controlled, with the tight synth arp and “talk, rather than singing”. To me, this is exactly why the song is such a classic - the gospel-alike chorus, once it arrives, feels like such a liberating contrast.

(sorry for my english, translate with google) :

Hello :

@trueschool : thank you for your comment ! my vsts : Spire and SynthMaster One and little bit Lethal VST for this track

@danoise : thank you too for your comment… This track is not really a full remix from Sweet Dreams . It’s a composition, just with bass and minimal voice. But i understand your waiting with chorus :wink:

Great composition, really like the remix, however in the main chorus, there are moments when the bass is not clear but it’s really just a detail, I enjoyed listening to your track, keep it up!

Hey, thank you BrainClaim :slight_smile:

Yes i think the bass is not perfect on this track…