Swing Question

I have tried using the ‘Groove Settings’ to generate a Linn swing for a some different drum tracks but have failed.

Attached is an example of what I am trying to achieve (Pattern 1: Base version, Pattern 2: 12.5% swing by BPM, Pattern 3: 12.5% swing by shifting positions)

Swing Example

Is this possible to use the ‘Groove Settings’ to achieved this, or is the way that I have done it the best way to achieving this ???

I think this doesnt work. In rows 1 - 4 there is only your bassdrum, thats why you dont hear any difference., since groovesettings are related on rows.

In your case only note C-400 will be grooved, row 2-4 is empty.

But if you can handle this with tempochanges, and its ok for you, then keep it :)

Now I understand didn’t realise that Groove Setting worked on the rows. I will have another play around and see if it can do what I’m after.

Thanks Notorius