Swing Tool Possibility

I dont know much about coding, but i was wondering would there the possibility of coding a tool that would be able to recreate MPC style swing functions?

maybe by writing specific delay note in columns or something??

there is a swing function already (but i think it only works for lpb = 4). check out groove settings under song settings. don’t know if it’s like on a mpc though.

if the (delay)values in the reslide tool could be automated somehow, that would be grooving win.

btw, might be a silly question but at what lpb would “moderate” swing actually mean that one wouldn’t be working with delay column but instead actually push the notes to new lines to get the swing? quessing lpb 20 or something.

havent checked out the reslide tool yet, but ya i know groove settings, this isnt really like swing! you cant effect single tracks/drum hits with groove!

a tool that writes in delay notes which correspond to a style of swing! where you could add the delay notes, to a single track or to the whole pattern

A problem with the groove settings is that they apply to the whole pattern,
so you can’t say my kicks should have this amount and my hats this amount.
What leaves me to do it realtime/manual. I come from the MPC so applying different swings to
different tracks would be very VERY nice.

cant you just place your kicks n hats on separate tracks??and then apply the groove setting??(i dont really know)i never use the groove settings myself

I dont even think this feature would dbe hard to do, but I dont know much about this Lua scripting thing!

Does anyone have a better understanding of ‘mpc’ style swing, ie how delayed every ?? beats/lines should be?

There’s MPC Groove Templates linked in this thread on Gear Slutz (and I’ve seen it mentioned quite a few times in the past, this was just my first Google result.)

How you translate the MIDI files into Delay settings I’m not sure though…

If someone would be interested, I have some mpc & sp midi files, with some of the swings.
Just say it and I mail them to you . Or upload it.

Those that kazakore links to and some others.

Cool! cheers guys!

my mail is psymonok@gmail.com

so these remplates are basically the amount of delay on each line??? right?

This is something really needed in renoise IMO, per track swing.

@ S-N-S
I always have all instr. seperated, wish it would work like that.
The groove setting for now can only be applied for the whole song or per pattern as you can switch
it on/off in the middle of a track.

Something that I like is the swing quantazation per track option in energy xt 2.5, that would be nice to.

you could render tracks separately i guess with different groove settings. not the same thing though. per track groove would be sweet alright.

@ Oootini

That takes too long :P ;)
And it is not realtime enough for me .
I like to directly hear what i’m doing.

But thank you for your advice B)!

Can anybody see any way of doing it but to calculate and insert values in the delay column?

Would you take into account current Delay column entries or not? Probably have to be optional really. Adding swing to a groove seems weird, plus without would make it easier to try different settings after each ohter. But some people use Delay for half beats and triplets and then it really would need to be taken into account.

Have to take into account when beats/notes may be moved and end up with two on the same line where there was only one Note Column before. Expand Note Column and use second for later. NNA will have to be checked and a Note Cut command used if it’s not set to Continue or something similar.

Or has anybody thought of any other way? I assume the API has maths functions so we can use Sine operators and the like to calculate values? The have offset and weighting for adjusting groove maybe… Sure something interesting, although maybe not analogous to anything before, should be possible.

that would indeed be absolute awesomeness

Is this any use?