Switch AU -> VST

It was time to upgrade my computer. I’ve always had a Mac, but these days I don’t feel the price for one is worth what you get so I made the switch. I switched to PC.

Now, the problem I have is that some of my songs are using AU Instruments and obviously those won’t work with PC. So, is there a way to convert AU into VST? I still have a Mac laptop with Renoise and AU & VST’s installed.

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Would also like to know, just for the fact that I’ve had such massive problems with AUs with the most recent versions of macOS. I’m still planning on doing Renoise on macOS, but probably am going to switch everything to VST from now on.

As far as I know, just copying over the XML of the plugin and replacing the identifier for the VST XML version doesn’t work. Someone with more expertise than me may be able to figure this out.

For now, I’m thinking of loading the VST version right next to the AU plugin on each track, matching the settings by hand, then just do a plus one on every automation command (also by hand) for each pattern. Clunky and time consuming but should work in the end.

If the plugin provides a custom preset manager, you can save your setting using that. And then load it into the VST version.