Switch Lfo Presets With Pattern Commands

I’ve been working with LFO’s a lot lately, and thought it’d be nice to be able to switch amongst the 6 preset envelopes using pattern commands and was wondering how easy it would be to implement. I thought ‘x61x’ would be the logical choice, but I’m not certain if it’s used - doesn’t seem to be.

Thought’s people / devs?

nice idea, always for more ways to manipulate whatever :) +1

Would be great, not only for LFOs… Makes me remember of a more generalized idea (controlling devices’ presets with fx commands) suggested here :

Maybe we could achieve that kind of stuff with LUA scripts?

Yeh, I agree that more could be controlled via pattern commands. I guess I’m at one of those points where ‘i’m stuck at a certain bit in my song and need this’. Could have posted it in the ‘2.6 ideas & suggestions’ section, but felt it was a bit presumptuous! It’d really help me acheive some nice, varied effects throughout the song though without having to keep adding & switching devices for it, especially when using nested LFOs :).

*edit - Perhaps rather than referring to the envelope as just ‘custom’, how about ‘custom 1, custom 2…3’ etc and just increase the LFO ‘type’ range.