Call Factory Presets

Hi guys,
Is there any way to call factory presets for example RindMod -> BadRadio and then some other Preset?

Because the switch causes a damn nice sound and i dont want to set every parameter itself ;)

I think about this sometimes, I want to know this one too!

Oh I misread your post, and can’t find a delete post button.

yeah, it would be cool to have an effect command to do this, with an yy number associated to each preset…

it would be even more nice to have the ability to store ‘user presets’ in each xrns for each dsp…
(we could have static ranges like :

  • 00-7F => factory presets
  • 80-FF => user presets

such a command would be sooo powerful =)

If you’re just switching between two presets, try using the hydra… set up one preset on the MIN of each hydra head (one parameter per head), then set the other preset on the MAX of each hydra head… then you can flip between them using the hydra’s input parameter. Switching very fast should result in the same effect.

you also can use the pattern fx colums, simply choose the preset, choose the column and position where you want the preset and make a rightklick on one slider, then go to the next fx column and do it again with another slider etc.
this is how i do it sometimes. and its a very fast way for a workaround i think.

i use windows, so i don`t know if this works on mac or linux too

especially that “right-mouse-button-thing” might be tricky on a mac ;)

Yeah I know how to “rebuild” the preset switch effect.
I just put all parameters in the FX column but yeah i looks ugly when i have one track with 8 parameters and only one note for example.
But when there’s no other way i’ll keep on doing it this way ;)