Switch On/off Groove Settings ?

i m making a song with 2 flows

1 is groovy breakbeat which sounds cool with groove settings = 4
2 is straight techno which sounds cool with groove settings = 0

how to switch on/off the groove settings?

don t answer me “export 2 times then rebuild it in cubase” nor “write 0D01 0D04 blablabla” i won t have the energy to do that :P

There is no option for that, as far as I know. But you can make you beat with one groove, Select the whole pattern and render it to sample, Now you can change the groove and still have the “recorded” groove on that part.

Hope you understand.

do you think that it would be hard to implement?

I have no idea. But I would like to see a feature like this aswell. Really miss it.