Switch patterns by midi Program change?


After playing with Octatrack connected as a master clock and midi-controller for Renoise, i’ve been trying to find a way to switch Renoise’s patterns via midi Program Change from Octa, similarly to how Elektron boxes handle this themselves, with no luck. Is this possible at all? Is there kinda tool or something? Might this be as a feature request for further updates?


I don’t know offhand if there is some existing MIDI-maping option for this, but it’s doable via the Lua API. I wrote a tool to do pattern movements via OSC. I’m am pretty sure the same can be done but with MIDI handlers as well.

Okaaayy so I read your

and found Seq. Triggering > Trigger > Sequence XX which I didn’t know existed. It is not mappable to Program Change messages but it works perfectly well with CC and notes, which in case with Octa will do.

Thank you for your reply, I wouldn’t find it otherwise! :slight_smile:

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