"Switch selection" function in sampler view


I would love to see a feature or tool in Renoise that could switch a selection to left or right in the sampler view.


Does it exist or is it a good idea for the next version of Renoise?



just to make certain i understand, do you mean flipping, in the sample, the channels? so content on left channel would move to be on the right channel, and content on the right channel would move to be on the left channel?
sounds interesting, would be intriguing to find out how this can be done. adding to todo-list

Maybe @SoulSplendid just want to move the selection.

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hmm. so this would be related to another request in the 2002-2024 space that i’ve seen recently, which was to “nudge” a selection content in samplebuffer forwards-backwards “by a bit”. so 1/4 of sample nudge so it becomes 2/4… etc.

It won’t be that @SoulSplendid only want to move the selection, not the selected content of the sample. Maybe he should clarify it.