Switched To Mac Laptop.. Questions Regarding Keyboard

I’m using 1.9 beta 6, and it isn’t letting me delete anything in the volume, panning or effect columns. I can cut it, but thats not efficient. Any ideas?

Also, is there a list of all the keyboard shortcuts for my macbook? As you know, the keyboard is much different (theres no home or end buttons, etc…)

----from ze tutorial—
There is also a great deal of Mac keyboards that do not have a “backspace” key and then there is the issue with the “insert” key that is missing on a lot of traditional Macintosh keyboards.
To answer the question many Mac users will walk up against to “Where is the insert key”?
Use the Help key in combination with the modifyer key (command) for use in Renoise on the Mac in those occasions, the default Apple interception will be circumvented this way.
Any “insert” only situation you will have to reassign personally.
”I don’t have a delete key on my macbook”
Fn+Backspace does a delete on the MacBook.

This what you were after? Link also shows you how to print the shortcuts, also the ones you’ve customized.

The fn + delete trick works, but I don’t understand why I can’t just press delete like with the notes themselves.

Some of the shortcuts given in the preferences are for fullsized keyboards (with number pads). Is there a list of shortcuts for laptop keyboards? Or should I just customize?

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Hello, I’m a PC. :)
Sorry, can’t help you. For all my numpad-needs, I have to use “fn + something”.