Switching Between Patterns?

Ok so i followed the video tutorials and made my first beat in one pattern, i now want to start editing my second pattern keeping the same beat and then just editing it where i want, i couldn’t work out how to copy my pattern, i managed to clone pattern 1 but for some reason when i pressed play and it got to the second pattern it was just empty for some reason so i guess i didn’t really clone the pattern at all, and another thing i couldnt work out how to do was switch between pattern 1 and 2 when editing, please help :)

ctrl + shift + alt + F1 = clone pattern
ctrl + up/down - arrowkeys = switch pattern

-> tutorials.renoise.com -> “Learn the Keys” ->

sequencer commands

  • lctrl+arr.left/right - Change pattern-number of current sequence under cursor
  • lctrl+arr.up/down - Go up / down sequence positions
  • lctrl+enter - Manually enter pattern number in current sequence position.
  • lctrl+ins - Insert sequence line above current queued line.
  • lctrl+del - Delete current queued sequence line

This is how I use it: Insert a new empty pattern with ctrl+insert. Delete a pattern with ctrl+delete. Move around in your sequence with ctrl+up/down.

Copy a pattern with ctrl+f4 and paste with ctrl+f5. Change the current pattern in sequence with ctrl+left/right.

In other words, I clone a pattern by ctrl+f4, insert, down, right, f5.

You can probably use the right mouse menu as well, but I prefer learning the keyboard shortcuts as this will go faster after a while.

Cool thanks, got it working now :w00t: