Switching between VST effects

Hi, I have been using Jeskola Buzz for a long time but I have just started using renoise. I have a question how to switch between Vst effects live.

I am after a switch to flick between different VST effects on the fly. Kinda like ‘Dblue Glitch’ but I like to create my own glitch effect chains. I would like to assign this ‘switch’ to a midi controller knob so that by turning the knob it flicks between different FX on the fly (whilst still playing the original sample).

e.g. I would have a beat playing on track 1 - the first effect on this track in the mixer is some kind of ‘switch’.

Depending on the position of a slider in this switch, this would send the beat to a different effect track (e.g. bitcrusher, flange, repeater, verb…).

I saw Meta mixer but I don’t think it is quite what I am after (I don’t want it to blend between effects just change abruptly). Also Meta mixer appears to be limited to 3 sends.

Alternatively, is there some kind of switch that could flick between ‘states’ (e.g. saved paramaters such as bypasses on different effects within a chain) that could work?

Thanks for this and keen to hear your thoughts.

Set up 2 send tracks (http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Pattern_Editor#Send_Tracks )

Then use a hydra (http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Meta_Devices#.2AHydra ) and 2 sends (http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Routing_Devices#.23Send )

Set up the hydra so the mins and maxs are swapped.

I don’t want it to blend between effects just change abruptly

Actually, if that’s what you want, you could toggle the send devices on and off with automation. (Right click the checkbox to insert the change at the current position.)

But… you might get a click or pop that way.

Maybe the easiest thing is to just use the same instrument on multiple tracks, but be warned you can also get clicks and pops there also in some cases.

I thought about it a little more, there’s a way to do it with custom LFOs:

You could assign a hydra device and your MIDI knob to automate the_reset_ param of 3 LFOs configured so they output high at 3 different points in time.

put your different fx into a number of send channels. then use a hydra…to automate the “receiver” property of a send. you can set the range that is scanned through with the min/max values, “0” is the first send after master, “1” the second, “2” the third etc.

Thanks these suggestions are really good. Thank you.

I am finding the simplest way of doing this is the method that Zer0fly suggested. Thanks it works great.

I am really liking Hydra.

As another variation to create more glitch fun. How do you use Hydra to switch between inputs (not just outputs)

E.g. If I have about 6 different tracks of glitch variations going into one send…How do I switch between the different input tracks so only one plays through the send at a time. That way I could twist a knob for faint glitch variations.

I feel like Hydra can do this but I am having trouble working out how and can’t find a tutorial on this.

Hi, glad I could help. And I think I can help even more.

I prepared you a litte setup for your other scenario. I use the formula device for the switching. If you want another number of channels, you just have to edit the 2 numbers in each formula device for it to work.

Perfect. This is freaking fantastic. Thank you so much for this.

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