Switching Noisemaker Presets Fast Crashes Renoise

Hi there,

under Linux (Ubuntu 10.10), when I have note data in the pattern playing an instance of TAL Noisemaker, and then switch the presets of the VSTi to preview some of them, Renoise crashes (pretty reproducable).
I am not sure if this is a problem with the new beta or if it was like this before. I am also not sure if this is due to Noisemaker or due to Renoise.

Changing presets is a “dangerous” thing for many plugins out there, cause, well, a lot of stuff happens in the plug then. Many plugs can be crashed this way.

I’ll take a look at this, if Renoise maybe does something bad here as well, but its very likely that this simply is a bug in the plug and thus also should be fixed in the plugin…

Perhaps allow some delay between changing each parameter.
It wouldn’t o much for plugins that require a certain order of parameter change though but thos who can’t handle massive amount of change requests probably would burst less when they get it at a slower pace?

Noisemaker has many problems in Renoise. Changing presets, infinite sustain oscillators when not using amp envelopes, stickier GUI. I think its noisemaker. UNO and elektro work fine. . You think the infinite oscillator would be a stuck midi note, but its not. :drummer: