Switching phrase, continue playing from previous position, not from start

In keymap mode, when switching patterns, is it possible the new phrase will continue from position of previous phrase and not starting always from zero, meaning its beginning? Somehow this feature I could not find, tried a few things, looked around desperately, now asking here. Such an important function could not be forgotten by the devs I thought.

Then it can be much more fun mixing various phrases together, combining them freely, timewise. Taking the beginning of phrase a, the end of phrase b, for example. The middle of phrase c.

Edit - I got confused because you mentioned patterns, so I thought you were talking about Renoise not Redux.

Remove the instrument number from subsequent notes to create a “ghost note”, which will switch to the new
phrase and continue playing from the same line that had been reached.

C-4 00
--- ..
--- ..
C#4 ..

There’s also the Sxx effect command which, when used on an instrument that has phrases, will play the phrase from the line xx.

These techniques work for phrases in general; so both Keymap and Program mode.

Wow, is it so easy, very elegant design then, I will try it, thanks my friend.

UPDATE: Tried it, forgot to write above, I meant controling via midi, I would like to do this via midi, meaning inside the midi editor of another DAW, in my case Reaper. Is there a way for that? Any CC or Program Change in a given midi channel? Ah, yes my question was for redux, not renoise.

So…Not possible, is it?

Crossfading phrases maybe?

I think the following steps might work for you:

  • Write a phrase
  • Assign this phrase to a key in “Keymap”-mode (e.g. C4)
  • Copy the phrase
  • Delete the lines prior to the line you want the second phrase to start (new startpoint)
  • Assign the second phrase to another key in “Keymap”-mode (e.g. C#4)
  • Repeat previous steps for all the startpoints you like

Next you can control Redux the MIDI coming from REAPER, each note triggering the copied phrase from another startpoint.

Hope this technique works for you!