Switching Samples With One Automated Control?

actually there are two slightly different things id like to do here, although it might be possible to achieve them both in the same way

  1. switching between samples with one slider

I want to be able to automate switching between different samples/instruments on the same part, so for example, if I have a pattern sequence playing an amen break, I want to be able to use the same pattern but switch the sample to a different breakbeat ‘on the fly’. I want a slider which I can automate (or attach and LFO to) which switches between a different loop from a large bank, using the same pattern which i wrote as the trigger. Of course there are ways to get the same effect, but what i want is crucially to have one slider to select the sample/instrument of that track.

I want to be able to switch or crossfade between a large number of possible different samples on the same channel triggered by the same note. so for example, i have a pattern with just one C-4 note at the top. when i play the pattern, it plays whatever sample is selected from a large bank contained within a VST. the selection of the sample played is controlled by a slider which I can automate. again, this could be done simply by mixing between many different tracks, but the purpose here is to have a vast bank of sounds, of which only one is played at any moment, which one depending on the slider position.

The idea behind 1. is just to change the sounds of the same pattern. The idea behind 2. is to have a huge bank of pre-made rhythm loops of identical length, in ascending density, so for example (very simply):

  1. o—o---o—o---
  2. o-o-o-o-o-o-o-
  3. oooooooooo

[where the 'o’s are beats]

using the slider you can move between patterns, and you have say 128 patterns in there (rather than 3).

Anyway, if anyone has any useful suggestions about how to do this, it would be much appreciated!

For anyone that’s interested in doing this, i’ve been looking into it and it seems that the route to go could be one of these:


I’m probably going to try max/msp seeing as I already have a license, but that means it wont be a VST so it will have to be used post-renoise…

There is nothing wrong with using other tools and importing the wavs into Renoise. Renoise can’t do everything! :D

My friend and I have been using PD to do wicked stuff with samples…

would it be possible to be using shortcircuit inside renoise??(as shortcircuit is fee,that could be a good thing)

i believe so, i think you can use shortcircuit as vst and you should be able to do what i suggested. i don’t know shortcircuit at all though, so im doing it max/msp right now, the patch is part way there (getting the basics down seems to be far easier than i thought). if you try it in short circuit lmk, i’d be really interested to see. ultimately i have plans for lots of other things i’d like to do with this which i think might be difficult to realise in shortcircuit, but saying that i know hardly anything about it, and having it as vst won’t happen with my max patch; both would be really useful to experiment with.

i will check it out,but i dont know my way around shortcircuit yet,just have it laying in my vst folder