Switching systems breaks plugins

I have a problem that I’ve run into several times in Renoise. Basically, if I move one of my songs to another system, the VST plugins break, even if the plugin exists on both systems. It says that the plugin is not found when opening a file from another system. Is there, or might there ever be an option to fix broken plugin links so that the settings and automation don’t get lost? As in, if the user knows that the plugins are identical, then it makes sense that we might be able to just tell Renoise that the plugin is the same, and then the mapping would work fine. Anybody else have this issue? How do you handle it?

Anybody else have this issue? How do you handle it?

Platformwise this is hard to circumvent unfortunately. The plugins are referred to by filename and plugin ID. You might be able to circumvent it by altering the plugin ID and filename directly in the Xrns (unzip it and alter the instrument section of the song.xml) but it so much hassle that it frankly is not worth the labor.

Oh, excellent! That is exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t even realize that xrns files were zip files. I would suspect this might be something that people would want to be able to adjust from time to time. Might be a good feature to add something to the interface to relocate a plugin. I don’t know what kind of demand there would be for that, but I can guess that those of us who need it could really use it. Editing the xml works fine for me though. Thanks!

You might still be having trouble with the plugin presets being stored in a different format from platform to platform. Exactly how presets are stored is up to the plugin developer, but I’ve run into this a couple of times.

If this is the case, the solution might be to export the plugin preset manually on OSX, and then (also manully) importing them into the Windows counterpart… if you have only a couple of projects, this is OK.

Hey hyperutila,

if you use VSTs on both systems and the versions of the VSTs are compatible inside one system, chances are very high, that it can work out of the box.

Sometimes the plugin naming is different on each system, so you will need to fix the song.xml like described here: