Switching The Type Of Filter Device Sometimes Crackles

If I switch the filter device from bp to lp using automation on a bass track, it sometimes crackles, sometimes not. I wonder why it is only sometimes. In common it crackles at the very first play.

Also other automation doesn’t seem sometimes to be tick exact… Also listenable on some distortion automation. So it’s maybe an automation problem, not filter related.

When you change the filter type, you’re changing the filter’s structure and coefficients. This can sometimes result in a ‘click’ or a ‘pop’ depending on the type of sound you’re sending through the filter, and also depending on the filter model itself (some react worse than others).

The filters simply weren’t designed to have their filter type automated while processing sound at the same time. You might get a nice result sometimes, or you might not. You unfortunately cannot rely on getting a completely clean sound 100% of the time while doing this.

If you want to change the filter type during different sections of your song, then you should change the type in moments of silence where there will be no audio to cause a click in the first place.

Alternatively, you could set up multiple filters on different tracks (lowpass on one, bandpass on another, for example), and then play your sounds through each of them at different times to achieve the desired result.

Ok thanks for the info,

I think it’s more like a timing problem of automation that sometimes isn’t so tick exact as it maybe should be…