Swreg Or Spam?

Hi everyone.

Some of us have registered Renoise through SWREG.
Yestarday I found this email in my inbox and before judging too early, I’d like to ask if this is honestly SWREG doing such an ad or is it just random spam pretending to be SWREG? Here’s a little quote:

I’d really buy this sort of stuff but using similar products earlier made me so smart already, I fear that using this would make me become overintelligent and thus incompatible with the rest of the world. I have to refuse.

For all you know, they could be secretly brainwashing you into becoming
an anonymous soldier of the Evil Communist Empire of Doom.

They should also know for sure that Renoise was the only product they registered through SWREG…
It can also be the result of another purchase at SWREG after 2005.

Thank you for clearing things up, Bantai.
vV, I for my part didn’t register anything else via SWREG, I’m quite sure about this.

Do I have to register my next version through SWReg again? It’s not that terrible though, just want to be aware.

The email came from noreply@swreg.org. However, I couldn’t figure out what the X-Sender was.

Haha, I really had to think the comic through a couple of times until I got what it tells.
…no. It actually took me one more time because the moment I wanted to write “Guess I could need some of those brain bullets” I finally got the whole context.

I’m slow, I think you know that by now :)

Thanks for the great support btw.

Yeah, well, i am struggling with the same problem here. I’ll guess i’ll have to wait until this Brain Bullets order shipment arrives so i can feed myself first before doing another attempt.

To be continued…

:) The comic is somewhat abstract…

A guy decides to commit suicide.
He shoots a bullet into his brain.
That doesn’t seem to work out at first but then the bullet begins to work.
The guy starts doing some scientific stuff and turns his toaster into a time machine.
Holding the toaster in his hand when he’s traveled back, he notices that it is a smart invention.
That’s when his first plan works out. Being killed. The brain bullet did its job.

My first interpretation was:
SWReg was a great, profitable invention (the toaster).
Because of this it was hijacked by Digital River (the dinosaur).