symbolic link from Renoise to Dropbox RenoiseKeybindings, how?

Hi, I’m really wanting to set Renoise up so that on any machine I use Renoise with, it accesses the RenoiseKeybindings from either iCloud Drive, or Dropbox.

So, can Renoise read keybindings via a symbolic link? I.e., I delete the current keybindings-file, create a symbolic link to somewhere in a cloud service, and Renoise automatically loads it from there, saves there, etc?

Hi, turns out that for OSX, the solution is this:

  1. Quit Renoise, open Terminal.

  2. Go to ~/Library/Preferences/Renoise

  3. Change into the folder you want to make the symbolic link to, in this case, 3.1.1

  4. Delete KeyBindings.xml

  5. Type, in my case: ln -s ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/KeyBindings.xml (if you use DropBox, you’d be putting a stable link-to-file from there so something like

  6. Start Renoise and the shortcuts are there.