symbolic links from Renoise to Dropbox/iCloud Drive for "User Libr

Hi, is it possible to get a symbolic link going so that I could store my User Library folder contents on iCloud Drive or Dropbox, and call them out via a symbolic link? This way I could use the same User Library on both machines and never risk the chance of losing, say, Doofer Effect Presets?


Turns out that this IS possible.

So you take your Renoise -folder in ~/Documents/, copy it to iCloud Drive, delete the folder from ~/Documents and type in

ln -s ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Renoise

And there it is.

I guess I’d better start organizing my Renoise folder on my iCloud Drive so that one will be for Tools, one for User Library, one for KeyBindings… Harsh but hey…


hey that was really informative. do you also have a one word answer to the question “how”?

Yes. Even on Windows. I am using it to synchronize two computers. Symlink in Windows is called junction and is available on NTFS file system.