Symphony Of Curves (triphop/downtempo) Album

i’m really starting to <3 <3 <3 renoise now that i’m getting used to all the shortcuts/effects/differences from impulse tracker/etc.
here is my first release done with nothing but renoise. enjoy.

Bringing in the new year with a sample heavy trip into deep downtempo dimensions. Fans of my ‘magnets EP’ and the more recent ‘sudden soft implosion of noiselessness’ take note. My personal tribute to the music of the 30’s to the early 70’s.


listening to your album now, and WOW - this sounds very very good :walkman:
lots of interesting stuff in here. did you work on this for a long time?

thanks man :) yeah, i worked on it for about two months which is alot longer than i usually spend putting together a record.

my work here is done ;)

thanks transient.

good album dude, it’s worthy of burning onto a cd and playing in my friend’s car next time we go to buy groceries. this is a very good thing, lol.

thx bro, hope it made yur grocery run a good time :) lolz

Very nice stuff man!

Keep on tracking!

Really love this release!

Great work! :D

Love it. Been listening to it all morning so far :)

thx guys, glad your digging it :)

Hey, this album is just pure Awesomeness. :D

thanks man :)

Three years later… sitting at work with this on right now.
still a great album :walkman:/>

edit: “A ding-kading, A ding-kadoo”… Track 7, so good.