Symphony, What Does One Wear?

thinking about going to the symphony next month, i’m going mainly to see the building it’s being hosted in, so the place will be open.

i don’t usually do this type of thing and i’m wondering what kind of clothes should i wear?
like need advice on everything: dress pants, shirts, jackets all that stuff.

i have a decent pair of wingtips, and maybe some dress pants but other than currently i would probably just wear cargo pants and a zipper jacket. i go to thrift shops on occasion so i’ll probably find something from there. also, should i watch some james bond films?

it’s settled then!

i will wear khakis, sneakers and a burgundy leather leary coat, and sunglasses.


Do you have company? If so then maybe you should consult the person and jointly agree upon something. Or you could just ignore every advice if you are sure that it’s an “all eyes on her” event. ;)

Not sure if I have company yet, as i haven’t really asked anyone.
I believe it is a symphony + live electronics / avant garde thing.
so I guess I should substitute the sneakers for wingtips and a new haircut. Thanks for your response.

since it also includes the avant garde element, dress in whatever you feel most comfortable with unless there’s a formal function afterward or something…

wow… you’re serious about this choice, and i should respect that.
me personally, i would never cut my hair just to fit in somewhere.
come as you are, be who you are ;)

I’ve seen/heared many symphonies live and never wore a suit, so don’t think too much of it. Like Denim sayd, just be yourself, unless you want to make an occasion of it, just for laughs, which is cool. :)

dress like a numpty, and clap/woop/scream the loudest between movements

decided not to go.
thanks for what ever. :lol: