A new song that was somewhat inspired by the Frozen Synapse game soundtrack, but as usual turned into something much different by the time I was finished. All sounds were made using single cycle waveforms and renoise instruments + native renoise fx.(except for the snare and percussion samples). Please check it out, and thanks for listening!

168 views and no comments. lol ouch :(

I’m blown away that you made all these sounds with only the Renoise Instrument, and Native Fx… Plus the mix is good n tight. The whole track is very impressive actually. Great sounds, wonderful synths, beautiful melodies…

I just think you know… we are so bombarded with media and information that it is hard to get noticed. still…

good job on this!

There is an interesting part starting from 2.10 and then lasting for about a minute.
I suspect that not many people respond because of the high repetitive factor of your theme in your song. You don’t have an actual keyprogression and that makes a song boring very quick.
Having enough of variation in a song (yours has enough variation) doesn’t mean that it qualifies for full pleasure. Specially the repetitive factor of the base groove and your guiding arp section kills the interest, if you could add more variations to those (I hope this also forces you to bring more variation in your lead theme as well), you might have a more appealing song to listen until the end.

Hey guys thanks for listening, and the advice about variations/progression…much appreciated!