Sync LFO, Quantizer

Sync LFO, so that, when you adjust the frequency parameter, it stays within LPB
you know without the 2.34 and 8.56 etc… you know

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc LPB right?

And the quantizer, yeah

Yeah, like a real quantizer

So that if you put an, lets say, random LFO through the quantizer, you can quantize to scales and so on

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I think you can program this yourself using the formula device.

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Do I understand right that your problem is with setting values by moving the slider?

If you wish to program an exact constant rate: in renoise you can “double click” any value next to the slider, and enter a value as text with the keyboard. If you enter an “8”, it will be set to exactly 8 lpb. If you enter “8.15”, it will be set to that exact value, 8.15 with decimals. This works for almost any slider/knob in renoise…

As for quantizing, yes the formula device is capable of quantising values. It will then work as a meta device, being controlled by another device or automation, and itself controlling another slider with the processed values.

Working with note values/scales is limited by the way, as you can only control some devices’ sliders or a non-polyphonic pitch modulator this way, you cannot really control note data with modulation/automation directly. For quantizing automation/modulaiton with the formula device you will have to program the quantisation yourself with lua code, not everyone’s deal. Just ask here or on the forums, there are some lua wizzards around here who might help you with the thing…

By the way you can also use the LFO to quantize automation/modulation - set speed to inf (freeze), range to 100%, and use the custom mode with points, and set the values as points, control the reset…


I can do a little sonic pi coding, not much more

how do I learn to program/code in the formula device?