Sync Lfo Start To Pattern Start

Why bundle the demo / tutorial songs with the beta versions of renoise?
Surely everyone has these from the previous versions who are beta testing?

Perhaps strip these until the final (release) version, or am I missing something?

Does it really matter, it’s only a few mb’s? :)

Yeah but wasted MB’s ;)

"Time how long it takes you to download the demo and posted here.

Then tell use how long you spend a day wanking to porn and posting pointless stuff on this board…

Time is not another persons responsibility. It is your own.

Go make a sandwich during that time if you are that bothered"

EDIT>> Woah, I am sorry about that post. I re-read it and it looks SO harsh. I didnt mean it to be harsh at all! I guess I should have used a lot more smiley faces or something!

I am sorry dude. I am not so bothered about your idea, but that doesnt mean it isnt valid. Please continue giving everyone your thoughts!

Sorry, again.

This is very easy.
Register your copy of Renoise, and download the beta versions. And BOOM, the huge problem is solved… DOH!

but people taking part in the beta-testing process are usually not the ones in need of demo songs. given that I am not on a very fancy internet-connection myself I actually give this one a +1. it doesn’t hurt too much, but overall it is actually rather useless.

I agree, more work ain’t worth the time here.


is it really ? that’s kinda hard to believe … just don’t include them in the package ?!


more time spent on developing a method of side chaining and improved sync, and less time spent on stupid things like this, the better (IMHO).


Its not. Lets do this in the next beta cycle - at least for the very first betas then…

Well, had the songs made with earlier Renoise version (the one, that still made the .rns name extension) and the songs played smooth and nice.

Now, with Renoise starting from this Beta 1.5 or so till now i’m experiencing hard time playing the same songs, the CPU usage is maxing out and i cannot really play songs with all the effects and VSTi’s anymore.

What’s the heck? How do i fix Renoise to use less CPU at least for the old songs and old VSTs and VSTIs that used to play without hassles before and suck all the CPU now?

Any ideas/recommendations are welcome.


i had similar problems but they got solved with 1.9 b8 are you using b8 also ?

Yes i do

Would be great if you could post/upload a small 1.5 example song. This way we all could take a look of whats happening there. Beside that automated, not playing VSTis might use a bit more CPU, nothing has changed VST performance wise - in contrary: a lot of effort has been made to make Renoise faster than before.

Are you sure that you are using the same sample rate in 1.9 as in 1.5?

I just have to report that this last beta (1.9b8) has much better audio quality, and it’s also much faster. At least on my computer setup.

Don’t know what happened. It’s like having two different tracker systems, if I compare b8 with the earlier versions. This is really great!

yes with audio im also xperiencing sumthing new…more crispyness, clearness, crystals & clarity…it got more space with ultrahighfrequences?

GUI yes, moving & wurking smoother (i think in beta 3 or 4 has same thing until it was changed and now they changed again?).

if you have done sumthing with engine. its brilliant!
im thankful with this fine piece ov software.

peace, robert.

ps. cheers to kameleontti guy & taktik. now my midi my is flowing perfectly. :)

The audio quality seems worse here. (in b8) :(

I hope I can manage the settings to get it like before…

I think, too, that sound quality in b8 has improved, but it often comes down to a question of personal taste…
So how about making a little test song, and upload resulting audio to this forum for comparison? Something like this test would be nice. We would be able to deal with sound on an more objective basis

I re-installed beta 8 and it seems to work better now. I have no idea why that happened…

Taktik, I have a rather un-unsual request:

Can you save this current 1.9b8 code inside a safe vault, just as it is right now? :)
Or even compile a individual (for me and those who request it) special version of it with no time restraints?

Really - I don’t know what you have done to the code, but this is sooo amazing. Version 1.9b8 is MAGIC. It’s fast, crystal clear… just wonderful! Brilliant! This is a big WOW. Thank you very much!

What have you done to improve the audio quality so much?