Sync lofi to pitch?

Is there a way of syncing the samplerate hz in lofi to the currently played note? It’s great to play a note and then tune the sample rate hertz to the current tone, for instance, C5 is 523.25hz, is there any special way of having the hz change with the given note?

It should not be very hard setting up with a keytracker device controlling the hz value in the lofi filter? Set a note range and make sure Dest min and Dest max results corresponds to the hz of the min and max notes.

Yeah, but getting the notes to be separated correctly so that the corresponding note matches the hz is the trick, and I’ve not used keytrackers before. What’s the basic idea for getting this working with a keytracker?

I guess your idea will be out tune, but who cares about tuning anything, if it sounds good, it is good : D

But if are some piano playing dude, and you have keyboard with velocity doin thing, then use velocity tracker with hz thing