Sync multiple instances of Renoise

Since we can’t sync multiple instances of Renoise apps by using ReWire (i.e. one master and multiple slaves), I propose that capability.


some alternatekind of internal home-made “Rewire”,i.e. Renoise-specific protocol.When enabled, hitting Playback in one Renoise instance would start playback on all other instancesas well


some kind of “Renoise wrapper”, i.e. an new arranger software with audiotracks and the oscilloscopes representing audiotracks + Renoise instances, one instance per channel.

At this time you can make a Renoise “master” sending a MIDI clock to slaves (using a virtual or physical MIDI cable), and use it in conjunction with OSC to send various commands like start/stop. But know that you’re already able to send the start/stop command using midi… using the option in preferences: Send start/stop: Include sending MIDI Clock start/stop messages.

MIDI Clock Master

  • Out Device: Set a MIDI device that Renoise will send MIDI Clock data to.
  • Offset: Manually shift all messages sent out to the devices by the given amount. This can be useful to manually compensate additional latencies that external devices introduce (audio latency is always automatically compensated by Renoise). Please note that the smallest possible negative latency is limited to the current latency of your soundcard. If you need further negative latency, you can increase your audio latency in the Audio Preferences.
  • Send clock: Include sending MIDI Clock pulse messages.
  • Send start/stop: Include sending MIDI Clock start/stop messages.
  • Send song position pointers: Include sending MIDI Clock song position messages.
  • Send MIDI Machine Control (MMC): In addition to the MIDI clock, also send MMC sysex messages to sync external devices to Renoise.

To me, the main trouble using multi-instances is that you have to render files separatly or worst, if you have a renoise instance that send midi-mapped automations to others, you will have to record things in realtime using a plugin or a OS sound recorder… So, your “Renoise wrapper” would be a good idea for that case but I don’t think that this kind of use is mainstream and then will probably not be integrated…

Yes, this is how I’ve dealt with it so far, but it’sfar fromoptimal and that’s why I propose a tighter internal sync protocolin orderto solvethose issues. Thanks for the detailed reply though, it should be a very useful post for beginners reading this topic. :slight_smile:

Now after just having finished reading taktik’s comments on the 3.0 beta version community feedback, I can’t help but feel a bit silly about making suggestions and spitting out ideas regarding Renoise finetuning and features. Since they have so much to do, and so little time to do it, it seems rather pointless to hope forany non-mainstream new features at all. Oh well.