Sync Renoise To Ardour Using Jack

I just tried installing Ubuntu and I am quite impressed, installing everything was easier than I expected.

Anyway I now try to sync Renoise to Ardour2. Both are running via jack. The sync works, that is the transport follows each other. But the sync isnt sample accurate. I first record Renoises output to Ardour. I then play the recorded file back toghether with the Output from Renoise. The connections are:
Renoise->alsa out
Ardour->alsa out
But the recorded output in Ardour, and the direct output from Renoise does not sync, drumhits gets flammed. I have read that jack transport is sample accurate. My questions are: Is this supposed to work? Have anyone else made this work?

Additional info:
I have chosen Jack synchronisation in Ardour.
I tried both with pdc on and off in renoise.

Hi, I have recorded Renoise’s output with Ardour before and the drum hit’s werent off. Oddly enough, Jack sync did not work (the transports did not follow each other, Ardour had a wrong BPM value set). I think that was my fault. It’s not exactly a solution, but maybe try without Jack sync and record manually?

I would like to know more about this topic as well.

I just read in this thread that Renoise seems to have problems when running with the option “Transport support” enabled. According to Taktik, it’s plain impossible atm to sync multiple Jack clients correctly due to some difficulties with the Jack API/spec (wtf? Is this not what Jack was meant for??). So try to disable that transport support option and it should work better.