Sync Works Differently In 2.5 - It Must Be Me?

Hi all,

This is really embarrasing - I stumped up and made the move to 2.5 and brought a license too.

Finally the other day I had a chance to have a good play with 2.5.

In 2.0 I could add tracks and so on - all good - I used the “Sync” option for each track - great. But in 2.5 when I try to use Sync it seems to “munge” the BPM’s.

I had a loop at 145bpm and one at 140bpm - and when I did this in 2.0 they synced and it sounded quite OK. But in 2.5 the tracks sound way too fast, the master Tempo is set at 123 (for whatever reason! This was the same set-up as I had in 2.0). It almost seems like they are locking to a very different tempo?

I just tried with 2 80bpm loops and set the Tempo to 80bpm as well and clicked Sync - same thing - they seem to trigger differently when I hit Play. Out of Sync if you will.

I had a look in the manual and could not see the answer but if anyone can point me to the correct page in the manual I’ll take it from there.

I am guessing there is a Preference wrong (everything is default) or an extra item has been added to the interface that I am not noticing.

Appreciate someone pushing me in the right direction please.


Can you maybe post a example .xrns ?

it must be you indeed.

When you enable Sync, are you also specifying the number of beats pattern lines that are actually contained in the sample itself? (The value to the right of the Sync enable/disable option)

Renoise can only make an educated guess about the correct number when you load a sample, but it will not guess correctly every single time, so it’s important that you set this value yourself. You will definitely get some weird results if your sample is not trimmed down to loop perfectly, so this is something you should keep in mind.

Also keep in mind that the Lines Per Beat setting will affect the sync value as well. For example, a 4 beat loop at 4 LPB would be 16 lines long, while a 4 beat loop at 8 LPB would be 32 lines long, etc.