Synced Lfo

Would be great if the renoise LFO device in the “meta” menu can be synchronised to the song tempo like this 1/2 , 1/4, 1/3, that’s way, everyone would be abble to make a wobble and compose a dubstep tune!

sorry for the poor english

you should read the manual.

it is already synced… but not expressed how you want it.

He wants a different size notation for the LFO curve instead of TPC

You 're right vV.
How can I convert this LPC to the 1/4 1/6 ect… notation you can find on a lot of synth so I can make presets to do the job?

Actually there’s a valid reason to be able to sync to note values; when changing lpb parameter synced to lines will go off-sync.


= LFO + KEytracking device

could you explain that a little more detailed?

i´been messing with the lfo>automation device (cutoff) to get some wobble sounds but i don´t get how to get the keytracking device in that chain…

thank you.

The keytracking device responds on note-values being played in that track, if notes are triggered within the valid range, the keytracking device will trigger the parameter of your choice of the other effect that is somewhere inside that chain.

You can trigger the “Reset” parameter of the LFO device so that the LFO is retriggered from start when a new note is being played:which i guess is what most people want…