Syncing And Lfo

When assigning an LFO to the cutoff on a filter, i want it to stop and start when i stop and start the song, but it doesn’t. This means that i don’t get the same result each time i run the track, even though the LFO is simple points,say, of up and down.
How do i sync the LFO with Renoise?

You can restart the LFO with a pattern command… can’t remember the exact details right now…

use x6yy, where:

x is the position in the DSP chain (for example, if the LFO is 3rd in the chain, x = 3)

yy is the value of the position in 256th (00 = beginning, 80 = middle, FF = end)

example: reset to zero the LFO which is 4th in the chain:

Use x6yy for reset. x will be the number of the parameter in the chain, yy will be the offset in the envelope.
Here’s an example that demonstrates the command in the pattern editor as well as visually in the LFO device:

Rightclick on reset might also help.


can we have a function that resets the lfo to zero each time a note is played please?

so if you want to reset at every note, you have to write y600 at every note I think.

That works if you let each note start at the same time.
If you work with more columns and delayvalues, every note gets the LFO reset at the same time, but the effect is not noticable at the same time while probably the effect needs to be shifted for each note as well.
At least if that was what meanted:no that is not possible as the LFO device is a full track effect.

I may be wrong, but an easier way of doing this is using the instrument editor, and drawing in the cutoff, and only using one pattern line.

yeah - thanrts what i’ve been doing kinda -drawing the filter cut off in the automation envelope but it’s a pain when you want the same envelope for each note in a bassline

  • just thought that it would be a good option for the lfo device - more user friendly cos you could then draw your curve in the ‘custom’ section and have it triggered for each note - like using a synth


It’s a bit hard to use this to make an instrument, because if you improvise on a melody using the keyboard, or just try to make a sound with this, the LFO does not reset itself.

Cool to have a workaround though!! Gotta test that too. I was just wondering last night how to get around this thingy…

I’ve been using the random point setting of the LFO, but I have been unable to get the frequency right so that the LFO changes the filter cutoff in time with the beat. I’ve gotten close, but I’d like to leave it on for the whole song so it will stay synced. I know I can do this manually, but (sigh) I trust my computer’s randomness over mine, and I don’t want to sit there popping out effect commands all night.

Another thing: is there a way I can make the random point setting of the LFO pick its random point from a designated area of the parameter? Like, say my effect parameter ranges from 0-100, but I want the LFO to only pick a point specifically between 40 and 75. Would this be part of the LFO’s amplitude/offset? I’m not a picky person about getting right on 40 and on 75, but is there a way to get the randomness’s’s boundaries finely set?

I guess what I"m asking is if there is a forumla/description of what the percentages and “LPC” mean on the LFO. I’d like to have more control over what exactly the LFO will do. But its probably right in front of me and a simple explanation will do!



Read up in depth a bit more… right-clicking RESET does the job if you turn the frequency all the way down, and the amplitude/offset can still be used! Aha! Thanks!