Syncing Bpm To Recorded Notes


I played a melody in to renoise without caring about the BPM in forehand and this is something I do pretty frequently. (Now I know I could always predetermine the BPM before playing anything, but I feel like that in a way stops me from playing the melody in the best possible rhythm/speed.)

So now I would naturally like to sync the melody I played with a pattern in renoise so that I can line up the beats and other stuff that I’m going to add. But is there any way to change the BPM of a song while keeping the notes playing at same speed as before? In other words, Renoise would have to spread out the notes while I increase the BPM in the settings. This way I could find the right BPM for my melody without risking changing the speed of the actual melody.

I hope someone gets what I’m asking!

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!

That has happened to me too a couple of times. Simplest solution is to listen to the melody again to get it into your head, delete the old part, turn on the metronome and adjust to a good value and the record again with the metronome on.

The function youre asking for does not exist.

The advanced edit has an “Expand” function which enlarges the contents of the selection size by two, but ofcourse, you also have to double your bpm by two and don’t forget to double your pattern size before using this command as well.

For arbritrary BPM scaling, there is no similar function for that.

You could use the 09xx effect, interpolated across the whole section from 0900 to 09ff. It will get artifacty if you change the tempo but it would still be useful as a reference.

Thanks to everyone for your replys!

Fullofkittens: unfortunately I dont think your suggestion is going to work in my situtation, since the melody is played by a VST synth? :-/

You’d have to bounce it to disk.