Syncing External Hardware Sequencer with Renoise

Hello! I have a beatstep pro that I am trying to sync my sequencer up into renoise. My steps are…

I create the desired 16 step beat sequence on my beatstep pro on MIDI channel 10.
I set my LPB to 4 lines and go to edit mode and press play on the beatstep.

I notice renoise isn’t recording the midi at the right times. There seems to be a delay or catch up moment where all of a sudden the midi notes that were suppose to be playing 10 lines ago are all of a sudden on a single line.

When the sequence is playing I notice when I press in on my pads nothing is recording however when I turn off the sequence on the beatstep I can add in notes live no issue whatsoever. I figure the midi should be the same as if I was playing live on the pads.

I have tried with and without syncing the beatstep pro as the main clock.
I have tried uses 0 and 1 as step length.

Is there something obvious I’m missing?

edit: This seems to be the case anytime renoise is Playing the track and I try to add midi while it’s playing live or not.

solution: Today I learned what quantization does. Thanks manual! I must have turned it up by mistake. I’m loving renoise so much

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