Syncing Music To Video

Dear all,

I have a visual animation. I want to use renoise to make a zik that contains fx’s which I want to sync to the animation. Usually, I read the animation with VLC, pick up the times of several events then I put my notes at those times in renoise. Are you aware of a VST plug-in or tool that would make my life easier?

ulrick / FRequency

Reaper and Rewiring Renoise to it?

Seems to be a good advise. I did not plan to buy a new DAW coz I like renoise very much; it’s the only one i’ve been using after the sound and pro-trackers; I’m locked-in :D. But, reaper’s cost is about 60 discounted. So, I definitely should give it a try.
Thans vV.

Reaper also used to allow all features in demo mode, it has a nagscreen with a delay timer but further i could not find restrictions.
But i have not updated for a long time.

vV: Thanks. It works! You made me save a lot of time. Thank you and see ya :D.

sony vegas

FL studio has native Video player, i ti really cool renoise has too!!!
i am vegas user but i dont know what do you mean “Sony Vegas” u cant use vegas inside renoise or vice versa…
vegas not support rewire or VSTi…

Renoise need Native Video Player plugin it is really usefull to compose music for trailers and short animations.!
no good VST for this i’ll try all the shit on the net. terrible.

My advice would be to just write all the music at 120bpm, then you have 2 beats for every second of video and it’s very easy to sync the audio with video.

Then just make notes of the timings of key events in the video / film where you want certain sounds to trigger and place them at the relevant position by deducing the correct line in the pattern editor depending on LPB and lines per pattern…

i dont want to write music only in 120. but thank you i use the same shit way, but i hate it.
i want to see the video and compose music on the fly!
Native Video plugin is really simple to make, there are tons of free resources for movie player

Buzz’s VST adaptor comes with a “mediaVST” that lets you playback video. IIRC it’s just a normal VST that will load in any host.

I found the Reaper-Renoise soolution cool: