Syncing mutes to patterns?


I wonder if there’s any or a way/tools/workaround to get the mutes to sync up with patterns/clock.

What I mean is, in ideal situation, you could hit the mute in the middle of the pattern and the mute would trigger after the pattern has reached its end.

I’m trying to see if I could add Renoise to my live setup where I’d have pattern repeat on, switch patterns with a midi controller and also mute and un-mute individual tracks in those patterns all sync’d up to the clock with a midi controller.


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Welcome to Renoiseland!

Maybe idea: A tool that responds to a MIDI command (CC?) that will look at the pattern number that starts the current pattern loop and alters/inserts/removes an fx command to toggle a gainer device.

Or, same basic idea, but insert/alter the root track volume (e.g. insert L00 at the top of the pattern to set volume to -INF)

Upside to using a gainer device at the end of a track or group’s device chain is it will also mute reverb, delays, and other stuff that might keep keep making noises even if the root volume has been set to -INF.

OTOH you may want that; a tool could offer the option of doing either one.

BTW, if you go the gainer route it might be handy to rename that muting gain device so that the tool can locate it by name, rather than having to determine if it’s the gain you actually want (incase a track has multiple gain devices).

Possibly some code to steal here: lua/com.neurogami.Alternator.xrnx · master · James Britt / Neurogami / renoise-ng · GitLab

Thanks! I’ll have to try these things out - still a beginner with Renoise so might take some time.

Should have also maybe mentioned that I am almost 100% using midi tracks!