Syncing Renoise With Amiga Trackers

I used to use Amiga trackers back in the 90s. and i wondered if you could in anyway sync the BPM and ‘play’ ‘stop’ ‘continue’ with say Octamed/MED? this would be really cool. I’ve just brought my Amiga back down from the loft and Im messing about with MIDI leads but because Octamed is so basic, I’m starting to think I should also be asking on an octamed forum.

apart from MIDI leads would i need any other hardware? like say a philip reese box?

for all the techies out there I think syncing the two programs would be the ultamate challange!

If Octamed supports Midi-acting as a slave, it should work via Midi when you set Renoise as Master.
Anyhow, if Octamed accepts receiving a sysex/Midi CC for start/stop, it should work as well. Then you can send a MidiCC/Sysex from Renoise to Octamed for simultanous play.

When only sysex, see here how to send sysex with renoise:

I think it’s totally possible, but you might have to use the amiga as the master. I used to sync 2 amiga 500s running octamed, but I’m pretty sure octamed won’t sync to bpm, always had to set them to the same bpm. I could be wrong but if I remember correctly they would only recieve start/stop.

Wow, that is a great idea, I wish I knew of that in the 90?s…

if i dont remember incorrectly, it’s possible to trigger play in protracker using midi

i think what you do is you send a certian midi note (like for example, C-2) that is outside the range if the 3 octaves of notes that you can play in protracker, and that note will trigger play.

I’m not 100% percent sure about this, but i remember fiddling around with it once and this is how i think it was

Legowellt uses protracker to run his synths. maybie a midi - cv - midi conection could work. if not that then with a drummachine in the midle for good measures.