Syncing To Ableton/reason

I’m staring at Ableton live and Reason “rewired” together, working fine and playing my sequence. Renoise is also open but it can’t get a sync from Abe.

I know about virtual midi patch cables for the PC but I’m on a mac. Is there a way to get these apps in sync?


ive done my research…looks like this is NOT yet possible so here are my add’s;

(1)Make Renoise connect via MIDI to other apps on the Mac.
(2)Allow Renoise’s excellent keyboard controller to trigger other apps as well

Right now, looks like mac users are stuck having to output audio, slicing up the loop and bringin into ableton or reason. Would be nice if there was a total convergence, as a tracker music maker, I dont like any other way of working but find I have to conform to matrix editing for ableton and reason (what an awful workflow!! tracker editing should be mainstream way of making electronic music, bottomline).


I believe I mentioned in the initial post that I knew there are virtual midi apps for the pc.

And no, there are none for mac, which inevitably means Renoise is a standalone app for now on this platform. ;(

I always thought that the MacOS midi driver was MUCH more robust, supporting things like Midi over IP and stuff …

Are you sure you’re not missing something? I have a feeling that such simple midi routing between applications would be supported natively.

Mac’s OS has built in “virtual” midi channels that can be used between apps- works better than midi yoke on a pc for me- you just gotta look for it.

Anybody have specific instructions on doing this?

Someone had already mentioned midi over IP… look it up in your computer’s help guide…