Syncing vocals or a speech synth.


I’ve been having a go at making some nu school electro bass and am trying to find a way to get some robot style speech synthesis in time with the track. Ive recorded the speech synth at the same BPM as the track, but because of sylabols in words and timing between words it’s not sounding in time which is kind of fundamental for this kind of music.

does anyone have any ideas how this can be achieved, short of recording every word separately and importing each word as a sample, even then its still not bang on in sync with the track. I know there is a slicer in the sampler but that does not seem to slice the word in the correct place .

Any help would be great.

“short of recording every word separately and importing each word as a sample,”

I’m not sure exactly what you’re going for, but you kinda need to to this with speech. If you or an artist aren’t recording vocals specifically for your track, you’re faced with either editing the vocal syllable by syllable, or writing a track around the vocal by itself as a starting point.

For the former problem, I usually just import the whole sample and then start cutting vowels out and pasting them into new instrument slots. This allows me to pitch them and do other kinds of edits easier than recording each vocal itself, and lends itself to more creative discoveries.

A mark of a creative person is when they spend hours and hours to solve a problem and come up with a solution themselves.

Thanks for the response,
so yeah I have been breaking it down in to words and copying them in, but as said it needs to be cut even further to syllable which is laborious. Thanks for the tip on changing the speed to make it fit. maybe another option would be to timestretch each word to fit, is the timestretch function available on the renoise sampler? I’m not sure…

YT: renoise tutorial: timestretching with 9xx

9xx is now Sxx

That exact tutorial I have used for these two demos, Renoise_2.8 only, no tools.

It can sound granular, you can experiment with 3.0_Phrases and increase the resolution.

For this demo, I used it only in the word “slaaaave”.

YT: Peggy Olson dances to a remix of Britney Spears I’m a slave for you

Nice one

As a reminder, you can operate SXX in two ways, with slices or without.

If you decide that speech synth music or synching vocals in general will be a cornerstone of your music,

keep in mind it is its own type of workflow, just like mixing, recording, sound-design, etc.

In regards to speech synth, you could also try, instead of words, have the building blocks for words instead.

In LSDJ for example, they have what looks like a pronunciation library, which is lighter to pack inside the program than a dictionary.

Thanks. That’s really good information. Much appreciated.