Syncing With Hardware


I’m trying the demo of Renoise, and I really enjoy it ! But I have a few question I can’t answer myself without the ASIO on : how good Renoise is syncing with hardware ? And more specifically with a Machindrum ?

There’s a really annoying delay with Reaper (that’s why I’m leaving it), that can be reduce with some workflow killing tricks, but if I want to use the Song mode on my Machinedrum, how good or bad will it sync with Renoise ?

Thanks in advance for your feedbacks !

If you want stable and accurate midi sync from your daw you better go for innerclock systems …
Most of the daws including renoise have a hard time sending out reliable/accurate midi sync messages .

Does it really worth it ? Because it’s really expensive…

I heard from Taktik (main Renoise developer) that this is a Windows-related issue only and it is due to Windows limitations, while Linux and MacOS perform better on this side.

Gentleclockdivider, is your statement OS-independent?
Daniel Diersant, are you using Windows?

PS: ASIO won’t make things better on MIDI clock synchonization

I hope I don’t have to choose which device I want to sync with clock.
like this.

Win 7 64… I’ll try on a Hack Mac with Reaper tonight


I have Reaper on a “Hackintosh” Mac and I’ve had some weird sync/delay compensation problems too. I tried a few different things but I never got it to sync up to whatever I was doing ITB. There’s a Reaper thread with people having similar problems:

However, I’ve found that with renoise it works just fine :) In your MIDI properties of the instrument specify that it is a linein/return and then have a linein device set to MIDI return mode. I also had to tweak the compensation on each track a little bit to get it totally tight but it works like a treat…

Remember that you have to sample in the results when you’re done as rendering of external hardware doesn’t work (yet?).

Alternatively, somehow capture the output of Renoise in realtime. Jack works great for this for routing into another app/DAW for capturing

Hope this helps :)

and yes… i’d have renoise as master and send beat clock to the machinedrum. set sync to external on the machinedrum

Hey I’ve got a old Imac running renoise with a lot of outboard hardware (synths/drum machines/samplers)
Works fine with me, I find it easy to compose an entire track within renoise with hardware synced and finally record all the hardware when the track is complete.
Recording short snippets of audio from your hardware is also fairly easy.
No trouble with delay within recording etc, using a TC electronic soundcard.

:) Thats why I use Renoise on Linux, no problems with Midiclockstuff here
:( I admit that softapps for music are limited, like softsynths …

But for my HW-Setup it works perfectly, using Renoise for Drums and Basslines and as StepSequencer for my hw