New Midi Clock Assign Feature

together with the midi improvements here.
I would like to add another idea to make life easier for people with loads of hardware.

In the current situation, you can only sync one device to Renoise it’s clock.
a real restriction for people that have more devices they want to sync.
I went out and see how other programs handle this and came up with this mock-up:

this way you can select multiple devices to receive the clock and sync drums, delays, arpeggiators ect. on external gear.

some programs have the MMC seperate, but I don’t see why it should.


even though i haven’t (yet?) got any analog gear to use this with, i believe it would be a nice and logical feature. having no analog gear, i am not well versed in the world of midi clocks, and thus have no idea if there are any limitations that must be considered.

I’m all for this idea.

I have a lot of hardware (analog synths / VA synths) and now it’s really a pain in the $*# to get clock sent to all the midi outputs needed (or just all). A lot of fiddling with the MidiYoke software, buggy WDM drivers that sometimes don’t want to allow more than one program accessing the Midi interfaces …

Making it possible to send the Renoise MIDI clock to multiple MIDI outputs would certainly make it a lot easier for me …

Isn’ it a well known fact that midi clock out is verry sluggish and unreliable when transmitted from a daw ( pc and mac os ) ?
I’v read several topics about that, here on the forum and elsewhere …seems that ‘innerclocksystems’ have the perfect solution by converting an audio signal ( from your daw ) to a verry stable midi clock signal .
I do use midi out and that’s verry stable on my set up , but midi clock out really sucks

I never had stability issues with Midi clock out from a PC before. Even not when routing over MidiYoke, which introduces another layer. Only problem is with driver management, over which only the manufacturer had control.

But I like to be able to sync LFO’s, delay times etc from the synthesizers to the BPM settings in Renoise, not only on one. I don’t mind using samples, don’t hate VST’s, but sometimes outboard gear is simpler to setup and get interesting sounds by fiddling knobs …

That may be so, but there is no other way on some devices, like USB-only devices.

So since 2.7 is out, is this somewhere on the roadmap? or am I really the only one with to much hardware?

i’m all for this idea. definately needed!


+1 absolutely needed for me too, I have to send the midiclock to more than one Midi-out to sync step-sequences and arpeggiators.


I can’t live without my samplers and my synths.

Any news from the developers regarding this topic??

This week I got a new synth (my last I hope) and now it really would be nice to use Renoise as THE ClockMaster for multiple Midi-devices.
At this point I always have to reroute my Midicables to use the PC-editors. :(


We totally need this, also a way to define that this midiport gets MidiClock at halfspeed and that midiport gets MidiClock at doublespeed. It’ll be amayzing