Syncro for LFO

Could be cool to have the syncro button on the LFO

exactly like the delay you click “sync” and choose subdivision. :yeah:

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As far as I know Lfos are always synced / relative to song bpm. You need to reset it using automation for a exact phase.

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it’s simple to do yourself, simply add a reset command (right click reset on the lfo) andjust sinc the frequency and line number in the lfo, 64 points and a frequency of 64 will give you an envelope that starts at the beginning and ends on the last line

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Yeah, think he means, so that, you can go nuts with the frequency parameter, and it will always be on the beat. Like a clock multiplier or divider whatever. 1,2,3,4,5…9…56…698 ?

What you probably don’t know ist…you can double click the text representation of the currently selected value, and type in a number with your pc keyboard - the paramter will be set to exactly that value. So it is possible to enter “12” and the lfo will be set to 12lpb, exact. This works for almost any value in renoise…

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exactly: like a clock divider or multiplier
cool feature for playing live with renoise
not for editing…

klusterbounce: thumbs up

like, snap to line per beat ? or something :slight_smile:

old suggestion but still a good 'un

set to sync and forget the pattern commands!

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