Synplant2 is out

I’m not much of a vst person but I was waiting for this :slight_smile:


I was part of the Beta Tester group! Synlpant is one of my all-time favorite synths. While the major update is the Genopatch (neural net trained to generate patches based on sample input) system, they also added some nifty features related to how the notes play.

The DNA editor is cleaner than ever:

And the bell of the ball; Genopatch:

It is now even easier to sit in front of my computer and get lost in sound design without ever being burdened with making music or having a social life! :rofl:


huzzah! :herb:
I don’t often go for vsti, but this is one I’ve been waiting for
DLing the upgrade presently :slight_smile: :+1:

edit: after playing with this for a few minutes, my initial impressions are that the sound quality is decently improved, the interface is as fun and encouraging of experimentation as ever, and that genopatch is really pretty cool. should be an interesting tool for generating variations on sounds through resynthesis. can make for some cool permutations of vox and real world recorded sounds. good stuff and worth the upgrade price. dunno if i’d shell out for it if I didn’t already have synplant, but I might!
YMMV, of course.
Synplant is also great for quickly and easily creating melodic synth patches full of character and uniqueness


Little off topic but …
I’ve been experimenting a lot with Neutone at home lately.
And now I remembered this short introduction to AI
from Ummet Ozcan


Truly remarkable! I am guessing that this sound-to-patch feature will soon be a staple in many synthesizers in the coming months/years. And to think that Magnus Lidström achieved this with just two video cards… I’m sure not-so-independent companies will quickly jump on this as well. Goes to show that even the smallest nodge on a filter, envelope,… can really make the difference in the sound you’re looking for. Go robots!

yeah I wanna see this tech with an additive engine :exploding_head:

My secret dream is for the Renoise team to implement a sample resynthesis function with the ability to morph between multiple samples. I love creating synthesizers in Renoise the sound is unlike anything else.
The same Redux would become a cooler alternative to a similar tool from Steinberg.

It might resemble something similar, and the drum patches or any synthesizer patches will just blow my mind.


I remember Magnus shared a link to this synth by his fellow dev ~6 years ago:

So it could be some kind of inspiration along with his patternarium (also vintage tonic pack comes to mind too)

Edit: found my old galaxynth demo

“Only 3 instances of galaxynth (1 for morphing percussions, 1 for morphing bass and 1 for morphing stabs) and limiter on master. Galaxynth is only 5 Mb and eats 10% CPU.”

Synplant is great,I’m having fun with it.For anybody interested,halion’s spectral synthesis engine is far superior for recreating samples you feed in,if you really want this feature get halion,really good.